Cultivators of Craft Cannabis

Llano Sativa

Llano Sativa is a specialty cultivator of small batch, craft cannabis located on the High Plains of Eastern NM, just outside the town of Texico. Our family has long farmed the grassy plains of the Llano Estacado, and we’re proud to continue this tradition forward.

All of our plants are lovingly raised in sealed and environmentally controlled facilities, using only natural and organic methods, to produce nothing but the finest end product.

We grow for and serve our friends, our neighbors, and the community we’ve been a part of for generations – It is our mission to make them proud of our work.

The Growing Process Growing Plants

We believe in providing our plants the healthiest of environments and plenty of room to grow, both above and below.  A healthy root structure is key to the growth and development process, so we start with the finest of organic soils and lots of space to stretch out.  We pay close attention to our water, and use only natural fertigation solutions.  We closely monitor and control the environmental data within our sealed grow facilities to ensure optimal conditions and zero outside contaminants, and to cap off the process we utilize a 21-day cure.  Those who know, know.

Where to Find Us Hookah Lounge

Llano Sativa proudly produces their craft cannabis in Curry County, NM, just outside the town of Texico.  Focusing 100% on growing small-batch cannabis, we leave the retail operations to our partner dispensaries and happily advertise their businesses here.  Being small family-farmers by background, our products tend to sell via locally-owned retail stores, however our mission is to be where you want us to be.  If you don’t see Llano Sativa at your local store and you’d like to, please send us an email and let us know!

How to Order Interior Of Facility

We can’t help but get distracted by shiny objects, and love growing both new and older cultivars that seem a bit different than the trendy products in the market.  From Amnesia Haze to Zkittlez, and stopping by all the G-13s and Maui-Wauis along the way, we’d rather use our capacity on something bespoke and a bit different than try to join the “trending-now” crowd.  That being said, our small batches tend to move quickly and once they’re gone … Stay ahead of the game and view our upcoming products and retail partners here.  Also if there’s something you love or want to see, but just aren’t seeing it, send us an email and let us know!

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